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The LT Panel is a power distribution board that accepts electricity from a generator or transformer and distributes it to various electronic devices and distribution boards. Our LT panels are cost-effective since they are intended to operate with minimal power usage. Lt Panel full form is Low Tension 

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Are you looking for an LT Panel in India? Allegiance is the most reputable company in the industry.To keep you ahead of the competition, our company makes things utilising cutting-edge technology. Our power control systems have a direct impact on your facility’s production by ensuring that circuits and equipment linked to them have the least amount of downtime possible.

We are committed to supplying our customers with top-of-the-line products. we have continually increased our product line as a result of this dedication. We’ve accumulated a lot of expertise over the years, and it’s helped us become one of the most dependable LT Panel Manufacturers in the India.

Meeting the diverse needs of clients necessitates knowledge and a commitment to continually improve product performance in order to keep up with market expectations. And our team of experts has achieved this by remaining current with the newest technology and machines. As a result, we have achieved the distinction of being one of the best LT Panel Suppliers in the india. Call right now to make your purchase for high-quality items.

We have established ourselves as a symbol of quality and innovation in this industry due to our commitment to excellent craftsmanship and investment in “state of the art” technology to create world-class LT Switchboards.



Type of LT Switchboards:


Main LT Panel
PCC (Power Control Center) Panel
Auto/Manual Synchronising / Load Sharing Panel
AMF Panels
MCC (Motor Control Center)Panel
Control and Relay Panel
Control Desk & Mimic Panels
Intelligent Switchboards with Computer &
BMS Interface 

Capacitor Panel
• Feeder Pillar
Meter Board
Main Distribution Board (MDB)
PMCC Panel
LDB Panel
Capistor Panel
Drought Panel

AMF Panel
DG Syngonisaction
Meter Board Panel

Bus Ducts & Rising Mains


Important Characteristics


• Short circuit and temperature rise tests were performed at CPRI in accordance with IS guidelines.
• One of the first designs to be type tested at 100 kVA with 4000A switchgear. The temperature increase of the panels was successfully tested at CPRI according to IS requirements.
• In DOP- IP- 54 CNC, form 1/2/3a/3b/4a/4b design Standardized designs that have been fully fastened
• CAD systems (Computer Aided Design)
• IP – 54, IP – 55, and IP – 65 anti-corrosion coating for panel enclosures
• With an 11-tank process, an automatic spray conveyed Pre Treatment plant is available.
• Paint booths and ovens that are dust and vermin proof
• Supports for SMC bus bars that are non-hygroscopic for maximum mechanical and electrical robustness for fault current resist
• Heat shrinkable PVC sleeves are used to insulate bus bars and interlinks.
• Both parties have made provisions for future expansion.
• . Polycarbonate sheets are used to encase all live components.

• Customers may choose from a variety of protection, metering, and control options, as well as a SCADA interface.
• VCB with ramp and spring charging handle that is positioned on the floor.
• Front Panels (PCC/ MCC/PMCC/MDB) Single and Double (PCC/ MCC/PMCC/MDB)
• Feeder and bus bar shutters can be padlocked.
• IS – 3118 and IEC – 62271 – 100 standards are met.

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