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A Complete Guide of Distribution Boards:


Our distribution boards guide covers:

  1. what they are?
  2. how to connect them ?
  3. what they are used for?

What is a distribution panelboard?
 A panelboard is an electrical distribution system component that divides an electrical power feed into branch circuits and provides each circuit with a protective circuit breaker or fuse in a single enclosure.

Most of the time, a fuse or breaker will safeguard each of these secondary circuits. In the United Kingdom, distribution boards like these are known as consumer units in residential premises.



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Panel Distribution

• Easy installation

• Corrosion resistance

• Light weight


 What is differece between Panel board and Distribution board


  •  Panelboards, breaker panels, and simply electrical panels are all names for distribution boards.
  •  A distribution board, often known as a breaker panel, divides incoming mains electricity into sub-circuits.
  •  The distinction between a consumer unit and a distribution board is frequently misunderstood by buyers of electrical panels and related auxiliary components. The fact that consumer boards and distribution panels are frequently used interchangeably might further complicate the situation.
  • In reality, however, the technological distinction is only relevant to a limited number of consumers in limited use scenarios. Regardless of the word used, most individuals mean the same thing.
  •  A consumer unit is a form of distribution board, to put it simply. To put it another way, consumer units are all distribution boards, but distribution boards are not all consumer units.
  •  Consumer units are the most common form of panelboard used in India’s buildings. They normally come in a metal or plastic casing with a variety of fuses and breaker switches. These can be used to separate particular portions of the building from the incoming mains electrical supply.

What are Distribution Boards Used for?
All of these variations essentially perform the same thing, whether it’s an outdoor distribution board, a commercial distribution board, or a dedicated lighting distribution board for huge public events. They take an incoming electrical connection, split it into many sub-circuits, and reroute it.

This allows for more exact and granular management of the supply to various locations, as well as the ability to isolate and shut down sections of the circuit without totally shutting off the incoming power.

It also has extra safety mechanisms, such as fuses, breakers, and RCDs, that make using mains electricity safer. The entire electrical system is better protected from overloads, short circuits, and other risks since each branch circuit has its own safety cut-off.



Types of Distribution Boards
There are several types of consumer unit distribution panels.

o Main switch consumer units are considered among the safest and most robust protective devices for incoming mains power. All circuits are fully separated, and each is independently protected from earth leakage via RCBOs (residual current breaker with overcurrent protection)
o Dual RCD consumer units are a step down in terms of protective capacity but are still suitable for most standard uses. They consist of two circuit banks, each protected by one of a pair of RCD (residual current device) breakers. These offer robust protection against overheating and electrical fires, or accidentally touching a live wire
o Larger buildings with a large number of sub-circuits branching off from the incoming mains supply are more likely to have high integrity consumer units. They combine dual RCD protection with extra RCBOs that may be configured in a variety of ways.



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