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Full form of MCC Motor Controls Centre

Motor Controls Centre (MCC) offerings from Allegiance products are built to last and are suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. MCCs can be ordered with top or bottom entry, as well as extras such cable alley lighting lamps and thermostat-controlled space warmers.

MCC Panel Manufacturer

MCC panels are designed to meet specific client needs, with feeders for powering motors and blowers being the most common. Feeders are developed using type 2 co-ordination charts and based on the motor rating. Auto/manual provision will be available in our MCCs. Motors can be operated manually using manual supply. To start the motor in auto provision, an external signal is necessary. The entire wiring is done using annealed high-grade bright copper standard PVC, FRLS, or HR FR insulated flexible wires. Star Delta, Direct On Line (DOL), RDOL, Soft Starters, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), Stator Rotor Starters, and Auto Transformer Starters are some of the starter feeders we provide.


In a motor control centre, what are the main components?

  • Bus bar.
  • Circuit breaker.
  • Magnetic contactor.
  • Contactor auxiliary contact.
  • Relay control.
  • Control transformer.
  • Cable installation control panel enclosure.
  • Limit switch.

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• Semi-modular design allows for future expansion on both ends, single/double front, Form 4 construction, and compartmentalization with standard measurements allows for consistent quality and timely delivery.
• The bus bars are built of electrolytic grade Al/Cu with verified IACS conductivity percentages.
• The sheet steel was cleansed using a 9-tank procedure.
• Maintenance personnel are kept secure by having separate chambers insulated from cable alleyways and unit feeder chambers.
• Designed to adapt to changing weather conditions.
• Ample room is provided for cable or bus duct termination and appropriate cable supports in the design


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