AMF full form Automatic mains Failure AMF means In the case of a substantial loss of mains power or total blackout, automatic mains failure (AMF) panels, also known as automatic transfer switch (ATS) panels, convert the power to emergency standby generators. Auto Main Failure (AMF) Panels are put between the generators and the main power …

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Feeder Pillar

What is the purpose of a feeder pillar? The feeder pillar’s job is to receive a source of electrical energy from a transformer and distribute it to a number of outgoing circuits via fuseways, providing each with a method of protection and control. In essence, they are a very simple type of LV switchboard. The …

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DG Synchronization Panel is made up of a customised relay that automatically synchronises two or more power sources. In addition, we provide load sharing relays to ensure that each DG receives an equal load, as well as load management relays to regulate the start and stop of generators based on load requirements. With specialised PLC …


C&R Panel

Control and relay panel (C&R) is built to give control of the related line or transformer through external switchgear At different 11KV and 33KV zonal. Electrical equipment such as transformers, generators, and circuit breakers are controlled and monitored using these panels. What is the purpose of a relay panel? A relay is a basic switching …

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HT Panel

HT panels are small outside installations that are commonly seen in substations. On the HT side, our product line is made up of circuit breakers or switch fuses that safeguard the equipment from abrupt voltage changes. The HT panel is a metal box containing HT Circuit Breakers, relays, and metering that receives 11KV/33KV power (from …

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Mcc Panel

Full form of MCC Motor Controls Centre Motor Controls Centre (MCC) offerings from Allegiance products are built to last and are suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. MCCs can be ordered with top or bottom entry, as well as extras such cable alley lighting lamps and thermostat-controlled space warmers. MCC Panel …

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APFC Full form Automatic Power Factor Control APFC Panel ManufacturerAutomatic Power Factor Correction (APFC) Panels manufactured by allegiance switchgears Energy come in three variants – normal, de-tuned and tuned.Heavy Duty and Super Heavy Duty power capacitors with oil impregnation are used in these panels to provide the greatest performance for Indian circumstances. The SPFCR-3 series …

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PCC panel

We manufacture power control centres(pcc) using the highest quality raw materials. We satisfy the needs of international standards while also adhering to local legislation and norms. The entire construction must be stiff, self-supporting, and without twists or bends. The panels will be totally dust free. They’ll have as many fixed or draw out type executions as they like.Pretreatment will include reducing, water rinsing, and de-rusting/phosphating of the whole panel

Capacitor Panels

capacitor Pannel installed at an MCC panel’s role is to deliver reactive power to inductive loads (increase power factor) and boost voltage based on system strength and capacitor bank size.  Capacitor Panels are unique devices meant to improve power factor correction by a considerable factor. Typically, the electric load flowing throughout a facility or dwelling …

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