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APFC Full form Automatic Power Factor Control

APFC Panel Manufacturer
Automatic Power Factor Correction (APFC) Panels manufactured by allegiance switchgears Energy come in three variants – normal, de-tuned and tuned.Heavy Duty and Super Heavy Duty power capacitors with oil impregnation are used in these panels to provide the greatest performance for Indian circumstances. The SPFCR-3 series of microprocessor-based 3CT sensing PF controllers are employed, which detect load from all three phases, enabling for more precise PF management as well as greater performance, monitoring, and data logging. The use of the required number of thermostats and cooling fans ensures that all panel ratings receive enough forced cooling. To meet site-specific needs, these panels come with a variety of configuration options for capacitor types, PF controllers, reactors, protection, and construction.

Apfc panel,Apfc panel working ,apfc panel in delhi,apfc panel manufacturer,apfc panel calculation,Apfc panel india


                    APFC Panel

APFC Panel calculation
Electricity is now widely acknowledged as the ultimate servant in the service of humanity. It is the most versatile labor-saving source in our homes, industries, agriculture, and a variety of other disciplines, making communal life more pleasant and joyful. The amount to which a country has developed its usage of electricity is a reliable indicator of its people’s level of life and economic development. Electricity has grown so pervasive that it is no longer a luxury but a need for any country.

However, the usage of electricity has been a major factor in the rise of companies in recent years. Electrification of industry creates more pleasant working environments for employees.
and enhanced consumer-friendly manufacture of higher-quality items at reduced rates

As the usage of inductive loads in industries grows (induction motors, induction furnaces, and so on), we must keep power factor within a certain range to avoid being charged a penalty by the service provider (such as GEB).

According to the tariff rates, if we aim to keep the power factor over 95%, we get a 0.5 percent energy charge rebate for every 1% rise in power factor.


APFC Panel Benefit

apfc panel ,apfc full form,apfc calculation,apfc working,apfc maufacturer• Ensures the greatest possible PF on a continual basis, resulting in the largest possible PF refunds and lower energy costs.

• Rugged design with high-quality components that may be used in a variety of situations

• For greater performance and extra-long life, use heavy-duty / super heavy duty power capacitors soaked with oil.
• For inrush suppression, special purpose capacitor duty contactors (AC6b) with dual contacts are used.
• With Dual P.F. Setting and Master Slave modes, this highly intelligent microprocessor-based three-phase P.F. controller comes equipped with an LCD display.
• Datalogger, Ethernet, USB, Rs485, GSM contemporary, and capacitor protection module are all available as options.
In electrical terms, how does an APFC panel work?
The operation of an APFC panel is seen in the image below.
APFC Panel with stage-based pre-programmable microcontrollers of various brands that automatically trigger capacitor banks of appropriate capacity in numerous stages by directly detecting the reactive load using the VAR (Volt Ampere Reactive) sensing concept tends to keep the PF at 0.99.

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