AMF full form Automatic mains Failure

AMF means In the case of a substantial loss of mains power or total blackout, automatic mains failure (AMF) panels, also known as automatic transfer switch (ATS) panels, convert the power to emergency standby generators.

Auto Main Failure (AMF) Panels are put between the generators and the main power supply to restore power during power outages. The panel disconnects the main from the load, activates the generator, and switches the load to the generator output when the main supply fails. When the mains supply is restored, the generator immediately shuts down, disconnects, and the load is transferred back to the mains.

AMF Benefits

  • The commencement of Genset is automatically delayed.
  • Annunciation of a hooter alert in the event of a start failure.
  • For smooth functioning, there is a manual start/stop switch as well as an emergency stop switch.
  • Sequence for starting, halting, and monitoring the generator
  • In the event of a DG problem, the system will automatically shut down.
  • Voltage, current, and frequency of three phase mains, power supply, and DG are continuously monitored.
  • The electrical board and the DG are constantly checking the status of the power supply.
  • Lightning and surge arresters are available.

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